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11 Top Men Shoulder Length Hairstyles & Cuts Shoulder Length Hair Guys

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Broadway Author Terrence  McNallyA babble from the afterlife with the able author leaves an amateur activity advantageous to accept anytime accepted him

11 Top Men Shoulder Length Hairstyles & Cuts Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Top Men Shoulder Length Hairstyles & Cuts Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys

By Nathan Lane

So I anticipate I may accept chatted briefly with my baby and afresh ancient friend, Terrence McNally, the added day. Perhaps I should explain. I was accepting a affair with Theresa Caputo, bigger accepted as the Continued Island Medium, on her podcast, Hey Spirit. (A audible assurance I accept too abundant time on my hands. Or my arranger does.) Anyway, there I was, accomplishing my best to be accessible to the acquaintance of communicating with the asleep through a woman with actual ample beard and angrily continued fingernails. Don’t get me amiss — she was altogether admirable while “sharing her gift,” as she calls it, but it still acquainted like a amplitude to me. Afterwards talking to my ancestor and mother, who I accept to accept articulate far added adult and psychologically adeptness than they anytime were on Earth — who knows, maybe they activate a acceptable therapist in the afterlife — I assuredly absitively not to let my parents absorb the altercation in the adorable lounge, and I mentioned the accident of one of my abutting friends, the abundant author Terrence McNally.

Suddenly Theresa asked, “Did you address a accolade to him?” I said, “Yes, for Time magazine.” She said, “He wants to acknowledge you for that and for adage such affectionate things.” Afresh she said, “He aloof keeps saying, ‘Can you accept I died?’ ” That brought me up short. It absolutely fabricated me beam and articulate absolutely like article Terrence would say. Especially if speaking from accession dimension. She additionally appear Terrence adage some abating things about how he was not abashed of death, that he had been able and acquainted accessible to go if it came his way, and how appreciative he was of what he larboard behind.

I knew that was accurate based on what Terrence’s husband, Tom Kirdahy, had told me about their chat the night afore Terrence anguish up in the hospital, area he would die from COVID-19 three canicule later. But it was actual nice to hear. To acknowledgment Terrence’s afire question: No, I still can’t accept he died. His was a death-defying, dogged and abundantly accommodating spirit, a blaze of aggressiveness and aggressiveness that could never be extinguished. And thankfully it won’t be because of all the abundant autograph he larboard behind. Terrence has acceptable acumen to be proud.

I afresh had to almanac a accent from The Lisbon Traviata, the comedy that put me on the map and afflicted my career. The appearance of Mendy is anecdotic Maria Callas to a adolescent man on the phone, but it could additionally calmly administer to Terrence’s work, as well. He says, “This doesn’t assume to be such a abhorrent actuality with bodies like her to brighten it. We’ll never see her like again. How do you alarm a miracle? Do yourself a favor, put on one of her annal — I Puritani or Sonnambula or Norma. If what you apprehend doesn’t get to you, absolutely allege to you, blow your heart, the accuracy of it, the acuteness of feeling…well, I can’t brainstorm such a thing.”

Do yourself a favor: Pick up one of his plays. The Lisbon Traviata or Lips Together, Teeth Afar or Love! Valour! Compassion! I affiance Terrence and his adeptness will appear animate for you. My ardent acknowledgment to Theresa Caputo for acceptance me to accept one aftermost chat with my admired friend. At atomic for that moment, I was a believer.


The “Polite” Amateur Abaft Darth  Vader

I will absence David Prowse. His aerial adeptness and arty animality were acute elements in the conception of one of the best feared, constant and iconic villains in cine history. Ironic, really, because the Dave I knew was so altered in every way. He was a absolutely affectionate person: sincere, affable and caring. He was a accurate gentleman. I’m sad he is gone, but I booty alleviation in the actuality that he will be continued remembered by his endless admirers about the world. — Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker to Prowse’s Sith Lord in Brilliant Wars


Hairstylist Charles  Gregory Ross”Everyone loved” the adept of films like 2002’s Drumline, recalls his final collaborator

By Lee Daniels

Wrangling beard and architecture over the years has consistently been a assignment for me. The few acceptable ones I apperceive are consistently unavailable. I had heard about the allegorical Charles Gregory through assorted sources, but it was my accomplice Fisher who insisted that I accommodated with him for The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

Our aboriginal affair was via FaceTime. Charles popped on the screen, and it was array of indescribable. With beard that would accomplish Diana Ross anxious and architecture that could battling RuPaul’s, he whispered, “Enchanté, Mr. Daniels. I heard you’re a difficult administrator to assignment for.” I replied, “Only to those who don’t apperceive what they’re doing, sweetie.” His improvement was, “Then we’ll get forth aloof fine.” And we did. We were accompany from that moment on. We had an bandage knowingness. A bandage that abandoned two Atramentous gay men can have

if you survive this continued in Hollywood. He fabricated me feel like I was aback home in Philadelphia. We became family. On our aboriginal day of filming, Mr. Gregory accustomed in a feature cape covering with a analogous tam propped aloof so on the ancillary of his head. He did a circuit and asked, “What do you think, Daddy?” I screamed, “Everything, Charles! Everything!” That’s the activity he brought to set — and consistently with a balmy smile. Anybody  loved  him.

His adroitness was precise. If Billie’s beard wasn’t acting appropriate in a scene, I’d scream, “Charles, what’s the bulk with it?” “Nothing a little grease can’t fix, Daddy!” he’d say, and he’d cull out his jar of anoint and get to assignment authoritative her beautiful. I’m abiding his allegorical applique advanced wigs are on the atramentous bazaar appropriate now. He was a magician. An icon. Once you acquisition a administration arch you affix with, you never let that actuality go. Damn you, COVID. I adulation you, Charles.


TV Costumer Josh  WallworkA apparel administrator on Law & Order: SVU describes a able artisan with a “calming energy” and “bubbly personality”

By Joey Armon

I met Josh about a decade ago, aback he came to appointment NYC for a week. That appointment was the agitator that brought Josh to added his apparel career to blur and TV. Up to that point, he had been animate on afflicted productions and making actual accouterment and designing absurd costumes. Afterwards affective to New York, Josh began animate on The Blacklist and Bull and assuredly was allotment of my apparel aggregation on SVU. Josh was a abundant asset to me at assignment because of his amazing eye for detail, his abstracted activity and his adeptness to lighten up a allowance with his aerated personality — consistently with a amusing adventure or a amorous chat about movies or music. As a friend, he listened, he brash and he accurate unconditionally.


Art Administrator Matteo  De  Cosmo His ambassador assistant recalls a “loving  father” who consistently chock-full to acknowledge the details

By Gail Barringer

Matteo was consistently thinking, consistently advanced of the game.

On the ABC alternation Emergence, we were animate on a arena area the appearance Piper acclimated her superpowers to change a agglomeration of books into one color. Nowadays, anybody says, “We’ll do it in column with beheld effects.” In this instance, we accomplished that we bare some affectionate of applied aspect abaft her. I said, “How are we activity to do this?” In anecdotal television, we don’t accept a lot of time to adapt because we accumulate schedule. Matteo said, “We’re activity to duke acrylic these books. We’re activity to do this.”

Long adventure short, he formed with his aggregation to anatomy tables area they brought over the books — article like 6,000 — and all the breathtaking artists corrective them. “This is how you do it,” he said. The books were about dry aback they put them on set. It was incredible. It was absolutely his execution, laying out from A to Z how to get the job done. He had a focus and a assurance to not abandoned accomplishment but to do it beautifully. I met Matteo on Marvel’s The Punisher afterwards audition of him through alternate colleagues. It was a adamantine appearance to produce, but I bethink animate appropriate abroad that he was an aberrant person. He took so abundant pride in his work. He had a confident, admirable attendance that drew bodies appear him. We never chock-full animate together.

We had an bandage understanding. He knew what bare to get done and how to do it. It was seamless, effortless. The shows that we formed on calm were challenging. I never had to anguish about his department, nor him. He was a affably organized administrator who oversaw construction, scenic. If you were anytime aloof or on set with Matteo, he would consistently stop — no bulk area we were — and ask, “Did you see the patina? Did you attending at this color? Attending over there. Attending at the admirable detail.” This is such a fast-paced industry. “Keep moving, get it done.” To booty those moments and pause, observe, acknowledge — that’s what he brought to the team. It’s one of a amateur affidavit he was so wonderful.

He drew amazing pictures, sketches, he was additionally a musician. He was a admiring father. He enjoyed acceptable food. He would adulation annihilation added than to sit with you, allotment tomatoes from his garden, and acquaint belief about growing up in Italy with his family. I’m so sad that he’s gone and that our industry will never see what’s abutting from Matteo. He capital to do added assembly architecture and would accept been abundant at it. I’m activity to absence his spirit, his energy, and his talent. I ambition we were able to accept added time with him. His afterlife has larboard a aperture in our community. A lot of us are aback at assignment together. He formed with us on the aboriginal division of Wu-Tang: An American Saga and we’re aback appropriate now on division two. He’s not there and it’s a loss. I feel like there’s a limb missing.

Anytime you anticipation your chat with Matteo adeptness be over, you would go to airing out of a allowance and say article like, “Gosh, those are admirable flowers,” and he would attending at you and say, “No. You’re a admirable flower.” Or, “What a admirable day.” He’d say, “You’re a admirable day.” No bulk what you’d say, he’d cast it on you to accomplish every acquaintance added adorning and special. It was affectionate of a antic but it consistently fabricated you feel good. It’s article we are all aggravating to do now. For him.


Stunt Legend Chuck Bail A aide recalls how the Gumball Rally administrator had a “heart of gold” 

By Gary Kent

In the mid-1960s, Chuck and I were both assassin as stuntmen to do a agent chase in a account that never went into production. We became pals sitting about the set cat-and-mouse for filming to begin. I abstruse how to do a astern high-fall from Chuck: I was assassin by the Blast Co. to do a astern abatement from the top of a blast pole. I had never done it before, so I alleged Chuck for advice. He said, “Just stick your arch in your armpit and advance off.” And he was right. As he would say: “Piece of cake!”

The Best Long Hairstyles For Men, As Recommended By Barbers Shoulder Length Hair Guys
The Best Long Hairstyles For Men, As Recommended By Barbers Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys

Chuck was admired in the achievement association for his aboriginal staging of ample achievement sequences, like in [1974’s] Freebie and the Bean, and for giving assignment to so abounding stuntmen and stuntwomen. My best anamnesis of Chuck is his faculty of amusement — that atramentous Irish address that he gave off so well, that blink in his eye.

I appetite bodies to bethink that in animosity of actuality one of the best stuntmen in the biz, he was consistently affable and accessible to the little association — the extras, the crew, wranglers. Tough exterior, but affection of gold.


CBS News Administrator of Aptitude Maria  Mercader The network’s acting Washington agency arch describes a aide “bigger than life”

By Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews

Maria was such a bigger-than-life person. She was joyous, she was sassy, she was strong. She had such affinity and was a drillmaster to so abounding people. She admired authoritative bodies feel like they belonged and that they had abeyant and seeing bodies that were not actuality apparent by others. She shaped a lot of careers. She knew everybody, and everybody knew her. She had the anamnesis of an elephant, and she listened to people’s stories.

Maria dealt with blight for years. She exhausted every distinct blazon of cancer, but she never capital to be accurate by cancer. Her joy for active was infectious. She was shaped by her acceptance because she was aboveboard Catholic. She was shaped by her adulation of life, of art, of music. She would consistently accept a smile on her face. For accession who went through the invasiveness of cancer, you would never apperceive because she was consistently smiling. She was consistently happy. She capital to see above that absoluteness that she lived with for years. She had been dealt such a duke that she knew not to booty herself or things awfully actively and aloof adore every moment.

Susan Zirinsky, CBS News admiral and chief EP: “Maria Mercader embodied all of a journalist’s basic traits, foremost the adventurousness she showed anniversary time over the accomplished 20 years aback blight approved to booty her from us too soon. If you knew Maria, you admired her.  She aggressive anybody with the adeptness of her spirit in the face of a austere affliction abounding would accept succumbed to continued ago. Maria was our “Fearless Girl” continued afore that bronze appeared on Wall Street.”


Composer Adam  SchlesingerThe Crazy Ex-Girlfriend aesthetic aggregation remembers their “magical” collaborator, the multi-talented artisan and Fountains of Wayne star

Aline Brosh McKenna, co-creator and controlling producer: We had a air-conditioned affiliation because I knew Adam afore we were absolutely in the workforce. I met him not continued afterwards academy in the accommodation he aggregate with [Jim, McKenna’s husband]. It was affectionate of breach in bisected and, definitely, the air-conditioned bodies were blind out on Adam’s side. He was consistently actual acceptable at what we now alarm networking, which is authoritative access and actuality accurate admirers of people. That’s what he was. I could acquaint he was accession who was activity about because he consistently had a lot of affairs and was actual talented. We kept in blow over the years, and it was absolutely nice to see his rise. I adulation matchmaking, and I was able to do a shidduch amid him, Jack and Rachel. We were all beside ourselves that he was available.

Rachel Bloom, star, co-creator and controlling producer: Everyone is abounding of alluring contradictions, and although he had this presence, he didn’t charge to blot up all the air in a room. He was like a dog central a cat’s body. In fact, his pets were cats, and he talked about how he had bodies as pets but admired dogs and that’s what you should absolutely booty away. I ran into him and La Poubelle months afterwards Showtime anesthetized on the show. I accustomed him at the bar and went over and he was, like, “Oh, hey.” He didn’t admit me and I anticipation it was because this guy is such a big accord but that acutely wasn’t the case. He was aloof affectionate of shy and quiet aback you aboriginal accommodated him. I didn’t absolutely sit in a allowance with him and address a song from blemish until adventure three aback we wrote: “Face Your Fears.” I bethink him sitting at my electric piano and starting with these chords. Immediately, you could acquaint it was a hit. There was never a moment from him, like, “Listen kid, I’ve been nominated for an Oscar.” Never any of that. It was all about the work.

Jack Dolgen, writer, songwriter and controlling producer: I had a preexisting account activity for Adam afore I met him. In my antecedent life, I was a artisan and had recorded in a flat that Adam owned. We never met but I saw his annal on the walls — “That Affair You Do” and “Josie and the Pussycats.” I thought, that this guy has it all ample out; the adeptness to be in a band, accomplish aesthetic music and additionally assignment in blur and TV. Aback Aline said, “Hey, I apperceive Adam Schlesinger,” it was as if we were animate on some all-around address activity and accession said, “I apperceive the Secretary of State, is that helpful?” I said to Elaine, “Well if you can get Adam Schlesinger to be on the show, it’ll go from acceptable to great.” That was such an understatement.

McKenna: He had many, abounding families. He knew everybody, was working, had formed or was about to assignment with aloof about everyone. He’d say, “I’m not activity to be about on Friday,” and it would about-face out that he was animate with Barack Obama. He was a man of abstruseness in that way. He formed with bands like the Monkees and America, Sarah Silverman, a continued list. He had abounding pots on the stove, or as I consistently accredit to it as he had abounding boats in the water.

Bloom: It seemed like what he did was magic. I say that as accession who does address songs, so I apperceive it’s not magic. I apperceive there’s a lot of assignment in it but the times I got to see him crafting songs in action, sitting at the piano, it was magical. Everything he afflicted became a cardinal one song. We were autograph at Aline’s abode for division one, adventure 10. We bare a song for [character Darryl Whitefeather] and Adam bankrupt out the abstraction of what if it’s a techno song alleged “Having a Few Bodies Over.” It was so funny. You accept bodies who can aftermath all genres. You accept bodies who can address music in all genres. Afresh you accept bodies who can address lyrics in all genres, and others who can address funny lyrics. Afresh you accept bodies who are additionally acceptable at non-comedic, acceptable music and they can comedy in a band. Best bodies abandoned move in one of those groups. But not Adam. He did it all. I can’t name anyone abroad in the apple who has what he had.

McKenna: One of the things that has absolutely ashore with me is how adamantine he formed on the show. He formed so constantly. I anticipate assignment was Adam’s adulation language. One of the affidavit we all acquainted admired by him was because he cared so abundant about the things we formed on. It was never too backward or too aboriginal to argument Adam about assignment because it meant so, so abundant to him. Accepting accession accord you not aloof their talent, but absolutely their affection and anatomy was nice. To be able to airing into assignment and see an old pal at assignment who I met as a 22-year-old kid was lovely.

Bloom: He never came to set, which is article I gave him bits for constantly, but he didn’t accept time. We started accomplishing animate shows and it was a abundant time for us all to adhere out afterwards actuality beneath the gun of accepting to address a song. In the calefaction of the moment, I would consistently try to assert that he and Jack do abandoned numbers. Adam would consistently say, “They don’t appetite to see me. They appetite to see the actors.” Same for Jack, but aback they performed it consistently concluded up actuality one of the best genitalia of the appearance because there would be a actuality administration their best accurate voice. It was consistently the best undiluted, authentic adjustment of a song.

McKenna: We were both built-in in ‘67 — I’m August and he’s October — so I got to about-face 53 this year and he didn’t. It’s aloof not believable. It’s not believable. Afresh we were alert to a audience he had fabricated and Jack said, “That’s the articulation of accession who is alive.” That’s what it feels like. It does not feel accessible that he isn’t here.

Dolgen: Aback you lose a ancestors affiliate and there is that aboriginal altogether or aboriginal holiday, those become acute moments because you feel that accession is missing. We’re in a abeyant absoluteness now [because of the pandemic] so we don’t yet apperceive what abandoned is larboard by his absence. But we feel it.

Bloom: He’d been animate on The Nanny with me [the Broadway adjustment of the archetypal ‘90s ball starring Fran Drescher] and the day afore he got sick, he beatific me a adjustment of the aboriginal demo. The way we’d assignment was that I took a aboriginal canyon of the songs and I would accelerate him assorted forms of melodies with my abhorrent piano or singing into a phone. “You’re activity to accomplish this so abundant better,” I would acquaint him. He beatific me aback his aboriginal canyon on the aboriginal cardinal and it was amazing. He beatific it to me the night he started accepting ailing so I accept one accomplished song by him. It about feels like accession who’s been canonized as a saint; I accept his absolution on these songs. I’m usually not air-conditioned adored with song changes, antic tweaks, etc. But this account is the aftermost affair I accept of his and he, like, it was adored every song.

Dolgen: These interviews are all we have. So abounding bodies who accept died in the aftermost nine months, their admired ones, accompany and ancestors haven’t been able to get calm and accept funerals and do the rituals about afterlife that are time tested. Aback a artisan dies, not abandoned do you accept a funeral, but you additionally appetite to get calm and comedy their songs. Anybody would accumulation into a bar, alcohol all night, there would be a bandage arena his songs. Allotment of this absoluteness has abeyant the afflicted action because those elements that are allotment of the afflicted process, haven’t been able to happen. They’re on pause. I achievement they appear one day. This is as abutting as we accept to actuality at the bar cogent stories, or at a Shivah, animated and bedlam about, “Do you bethink that one time Adam did this?”

McKenna: He was EGOT nominated and was center through, missing abandoned the Tony and Oscar. Not abandoned was he a titan in his field, but a titan in so abounding fields. Sometimes in our culture, we tend to accolade bodies who accept accomplished bottomward absolutely adamantine into one affair but Adam could do so abounding things. If we anytime bare to alter him on the show, we would’ve bare about bisected a dozen people. That sounds like I’m badinage and I am not joking. He is additionally one of those bodies who would accept died at age 92 if not for this brainless fucking virus. And he would’ve been as air-conditioned at 92 as he was aback he was 22.

Dolgen: He had a absurd aggregate of abasement and confidence. He was apprehensive abundant to adulation it aback accession abroad wrote article great. He never afflicted annihilation aloof to get his paw prints on it. He would be like, “No, it’s awesome,” if he anticipation it was. But he was additionally absolutely confident, which is one of the things that is beneath talked about a little. I overheard the song, “That Affair You Do!” one morning at the gym. I came to assignment and said, “That’s such a acceptable song, man.” And he goes “The arch is absolutely good.”

McKenna: He’s so fucking funny. Every argument from Adam was fucking hilarious. I adored a agglomeration because his argument bold was actual strong. He capital to change his capital appellation credit. And I said, “We accept to bright that with the network, what would you like?” And he said, “Un blur de Adam Schlesinger.”

Bloom: I’m attractive through my texts too actually. The night of the Emmys, I was backstage because I had been performing. I texted Adam and Jack, “Our class is appear during act eight by Lisa Kudrow.” Jack texted, “Act eight? How abounding acts are there?” I write, “Like 13.” Afresh Adam said, “Act eight is usually area the advocate suffers a seventh setback.”

McKenna: I accept a argument from aback we were aggravating to bulk out what time to go to the Emmys. I said, “The acclaimed bodies get there late, so let’s be famous.” He texted, “Good plan. The absolutely acclaimed bodies get there a anniversary later.”

Bloom: The aftermost argument barter I had with him was on the alternation with Jack and Adam. They had accounting the song, “Miracle of Birth,” and I was nine months abundant so I texted them, “I anticipation you guys should apperceive that per the aperture bandage of ‘Miracle of Birth,’ my fungus bung is now actuality discharged.’ Adam wrote back, “That is fungus to our ears.” That’s the final argument I accept from Adam.


SNL Music Coordinator Hal  Willner

An all-embracing compassionate of music helped him account the show’s action aback 1980. Says the comedian: “He had a huge aftereffect on me”

By John Mulaney

My aboriginal impressions of Hal were that he had actual able aftertaste in music and that I feared that he would acquisition my tastes abundantly pedestrian. He was one of those awfully air-conditioned bodies area I was abashed to say annihilation about anything. I knew he knew Lou Reed, and I was a huge fan of Lou Reed, and I aloof anticipation if I didn’t name an abstruse abundant anthology we wouldn’t be fast friends. Aback I aboriginal met him, I thought, “Oh, he has absolutely able tastes in music and I admiration if he dislikes a lot of things.” And what I activate over the years was Hal was such the opposite. He was such a fan of things. He accepted the actual weird, and he accepted bodies demography swings.

I bethink him walking bottomward the anteroom aback Bob Dylan appear a Christmas album, and he had on headphones, and he had the CD in his hand, Christmas in the Heart. And he was walking bottomward the hallway, captivation the anthology up in the air to appearance me from far bottomward the hallway. And he aloof said, “Dylan fabricated a fucking Christmas album!” And I bet he admired the Dylan Christmas album. Aback I attending aback on that memory, I anticipate I took it as a abrogating because I was 25 and didn’t accept that the applesauce of activity is affectionate of fun to embrace, which is best summed up in Bob Dylan’s Christmas album. Hal was in blow with what the accessible adeptness accede the B-side of Saturday Night Animate — years that weren’t 1975 or 2008, years aback the appearance was struggling. That’s how it’s accounting about in books, but it was a living, breath show, with bodies like William S. Burroughs, that Hal booked, and Captain Beefheart and absorbing things actuality done. And a lot of that was because of Hal. His vibe was, aloof because SNL is the Yankees, or so acknowledged or so legendary, doesn’t beggarly you can’t try awe-inspiring shit.

11 Best Medium Length Haircuts For Men And How To Style Them Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Best Medium Length Haircuts For Men And How To Style Them Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys

Hal absolutely did accept a huge aftereffect on me, and it happened gradually, in stages, as we got to apperceive anniversary added and as I accomplished how alluring his activity was. Like the bodies he knew. You could apperceive him for three years, and he wasn’t a name-dropper. One day you’d aloof ask him like, “Where’d you get that shirt?” And he’d say, “At Allen Ginsberg’s house.” We were emailing afterwards Mac “Dr. John” Rebennack died, and he had a continued branch in this email anecdotic how he knew Mac, and this was at a time aback he knew Ginsberg and Leonard Cohen. And afresh he wrote, “Seems like I chose to be about annihilation but bodies who did not animate activity on life’s terms, as they say.”

I don’t anticipate Hal did not animate activity on life’s terms, but he was a complete and absolute individual. He was a absolute original. And he absolutely cared about the assignment in and of itself. He accomplished me to accomplish things that you absolutely adulation and absorb a lot of time and put a lot of affliction into them and you’ll be annoyed because you’ll accept it in the end.

Hal didn’t accomplish things that he loved, and he didn’t aggregate old amateur dummies and accelerate me Ernie Kovacs clips to be a contrarian. He did it as a celebration. He was adulatory his interests and visions that he had.


NYC Annoyance Brilliant Nashom  WoodenAs Mona Foot, he had a ball accident and was in 1999’s Flawless

By Lady Bunny 

Matthew Kasten who ran Boy Bar approved to benedict Mona aboriginal on as a antiquated Aretha Franklin, accession who would lip-sync in a sleeveless affection about-face housedress. That didn’t aftermost continued because Mona was a allure babe who capital continued wigs, waist anchor and the accomplished of heels. She did not appetite to go out on date attractive like Shirley Caesar.

Mona was actual funny, actual biting. A affair babe for abiding — as was I. She consistently had an absorbing physique. That was one of the things that set Mona afar is that she had a appealing face but a able-bodied body. It was a affectionate of androgynous look, some adeptness alike say a “gender fuck,” but the kids won’t like me adage that these days. Mona became one of the stars of a nightlife arena that has not been afflicted by any that I accept anytime accepted — and I’ve catholic the apple gluttonous them out.

For a while there, activity to the Wigstock anniversary that I put on, there was a assertive scenester gay man who was consistently talking about what Mona was wearing. She was one of the better and best accepted names, and she was one of us. She abhorrent the ache of annoyance as a acumen that she drank too abundant but that cone-shaped off in the aftermost few years aback she got actual into fitness.

She approved to adhere up her heels and focus on the boy band, the Ones. But they were a little too old to be alleged a boy bandage so I adopt “man band.” They had a massive common ball accident with “Absolutely Flawless” from the blur Flawless. They went over to England to accomplish and this is why you should never assurance a absolution that gives a licensee rights to your articulation and angel in perpetuity because Mona got over there and there was this above advance attack for a blast adaptable casework company.

In accession to actuality a baby acquaintance and coworker, Mona was a ancient acquaintance if you can accept that. Bodies anticipation these two aggressive divas would never be able to abide anniversary added but we did. Our accommodation was small, and sometimes Mona would accompany a man home — let’s face it, we were in our 20s, that’s what we were accomplishing aback afresh — and she’d booty that man into the bathroom. Mona was resourceful.

Her afterlife happened in March, aboriginal in the pandemic. It afflicted the accomplished club association by authoritative anybody see, for a fact, that this was absolute abundant that one of their own had passed. My compassionate of the affairs is that she alleged her doctor and was brash to get some blow and abutting affair you know, she’s gone. It’s abominable to anticipate of Mona lying there abandoned and dying.

When bodies anticipate of Mona now, I appetite them to smile. I appetite them to attending her up on YouTube. Do a little Google. She was one of the arch lights of New York’s city annoyance community. She backward accepted afterwards abrogation annoyance as a bartender at The Cock. I would run into Mona walking abreast me because she went to a gym abreast my house. She was consistently upbeat and happy. That’s not to say that she didn’t accept a absinthian moment area she’d charge to apprehend accession if they adapted it. But she was actual acceptable at that. She was animate on music and added projects. She had so abundant added larboard to give.


Good Morning America Cameraman Tony  Greer The abstruse assembly administrator at the ABC morning appearance recalls a “friendly guy with a acceptable attitude”

By Vernon Davis 

I met Tony through a alternate assignment aide and brought him into GMA. Tony’s casual was adverse to the aggregation as he was a affable guy with a absolutely acceptable attitude and assignment ethic. He formed with the appearance for six years. I had a amazing bulk of acceptance in him. I knew I could assurance him to get the job done. The aftermost time I batten to Tony, it was a simple, abbreviate conversation. All he said was, “I’m not activity well,” and I said, “OK, booty affliction of yourself and accumulate me posted.” He said, “OK, thanks.” I never heard from him again. What I took from Tony is that no bulk what, aback an befalling presents itself, consistently say yes. He was consistently accessible to booty on a task, alike if it was unfamiliar. I accepted that about him.


A Year Like No Other

Over 10 alarming months, the industry saw some of its best and brightest taken too  soon.


24 Annoyance queen Nashom Wooden, aka Mona Foot, died at 50; Playwright Terrence McNally died at 81.

25  Broadway amateur Mark Blum died at 69; Top Chef Masters champ Floyd Cardoz died at 59.

26  SVU costumer Josh Wallwork died at 45.

29  Artisan Alan Merrill died at 69; CBS News’ Maria Mercader died at 54; Comedian Ken Shimura died at 70.

30  Extra and ambassador Hilary Heath died  at  74.

31  Dialogue drillmaster Andrew Jack died at 76; Articulation extra Julie Bennett died at 88.


1 Fountain of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger died at 52.

2 Shoe artisan Sergio  Rossi died at 84.

5  Jaws extra Lee Fierro died at 91; Actor Forrest Compton died at 94.

6 Theater set artisan Jun Maeda died at 79.

7 Amateur Allen Garfield died at 80; Country brilliant John Prine died at 73; SNL music coordinator Hal Willner died at 64.

best men s long hairstyles 11 edition shoulder length hair guys
Best Men’s Long Hairstyles [11 Edition] Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys

8 GMA cameraman Tony Greer died at 62; Hairstylist Charles Gregory Ross died at 68.

11  Co-founder of American Place Theatre Wynn Handman died at 97.

12  Amateur Tim Brooke-Taylor died at 79.

13  Disney ink and acrylic artisan Ann Sullivan died at 91.

15  E.T. cinematographer Allen Daviau died at 77.

21   Ambassador Joel Rogosin died at 87; Art administrator Matteo De Cosmo died at 52.

31 Controlling secretary Leah Bernstein died  at 99.


8 Siegfried & Roy’s Roy  Horn died at 75.

18 Aesthetic administrator John McCormack died at 61.

31  9 to 5 extra Peggy Pope died at 91.


14  Acting drillmaster Jack Turnbull died at 72.

28 Dancer/philanthropist Joni Berry died at 89.


4 Extra Brandis Kemp died at 76.

5 Broadway amateur Nick Cordero died at 41.


11 Singer Trini López died at 83.


6  Singer Bruce Williamson died at 49.


4 Fashion artisan Kenzo Takada died at 81.


14  Beard extra and ambassador Lynn Kellogg died at 77.

15 Amateur Soumitra Chatterjee died at 85; Stuntman Chuck Bail died at 85.

28  Amateur David Prowse died at 85.


10  Administrator Kim Ki-duk died at 59.

12 Musician/athlete Charley Pride died at 86.

12 Extra Carol Sutton died at 76.

17 Assistant director Robert P. Cohen died at 76.

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11 Modern Long Hairstyles For Men Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Modern Long Hairstyles For Men Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys

Shoulder Length Hair Guys
| Delightful for you to my website, on this time I’m going to show you concerning 11+ Best Shoulder Length Hair Guys. And from now on, this is the 1st image:

11 Best Long Hairstyles For Men: The Most Attractive Long Haircuts Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Best Long Hairstyles For Men: The Most Attractive Long Haircuts Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys

What about impression previously mentioned? will be that amazing???. if you believe thus, I’l m show you a few photograph once again underneath:

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11 Modern Long Hairstyles For Men Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Modern Long Hairstyles For Men Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys
a guide to men s shoulder length hair shoulder length hair men shoulder length hair guys
A Guide To Men’s Shoulder Length Hair Shoulder Length Hair Men Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Best Medium Length Haircuts For Men And How To Style Them Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Best Medium Length Haircuts For Men And How To Style Them Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Mens Hairstyles 11 Everything You Need To Know About Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Mens Hairstyles 11 Everything You Need To Know About Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Of The Best Long Hairstyles For Men Shoulder Length Hair Guys
11 Of The Best Long Hairstyles For Men Shoulder Length Hair Guys | Shoulder Length Hair Guys

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